[RemObject C# Windows phone] Code behind cannot recognize elements in xaml file


Seems like the code behind cannot recognize elements that were defined in xaml file.

Eg: I defined a textbox in xaml file, and set the property Name (or x:Name) for it. Then tried to call it in the code behind class, but look like it’s not possible.

Does anybody have the same problem like me?

I’m applying MVVM pattern, it works well. But I don’t know why elements are not visible in code behind class.


Can you post a concrete example?


For example, I create a page name "LoginPage"
In LoginPage.xaml file, I create a password box with settings:

<PasswordBox Margin="20,0,20,0" x:Name="txtPassword" Password="{Binding Path=Password, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

With normal Windows phone application, the class “LoginPage.xaml.cs” can recognize “txtPassword”. So we can take advantage of “Ctrl + Space”

While RemObject C#, using Ctrl + Space doesn’t help to complete the element name (txtPassword) and its properties. That means we have to write the code ourself.
Eg: after I type “txt” and press Ctril + Space, there should be a suggestion related to “txtPassword” but there are not.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://73163

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Hello. I can’t reproduce this issue, Could you, please, with latest build?

Thanks in advance!

bugs://73163 got closed with status nochangereq.

I got this issue almost 1 year ago.
Now I’m not working with RemObject anymore.

I was disappointed and stopped using Rem after that.

Agree that this can be closed.

Best regards,
Trung Truong.

Well, it got closed because this is functioning as expected in all our tests. You never followed up when asked for more details, so we could not “fix” the issue for you, as it did not reproduce. I apologize if that was disappointing to you.

It’s okay.
I also feel pity that I could not continue with Rem.

I’m not working in mobile multi-platform anymore. But I do it in the future, I will come back and check Rem out again.

Best regards,
Trung Truong.

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