RemObjects and WebCore

Are there any examples of using RemObjects as a backend for WebCore? Something I can look at before I start digging?



first time I hear of this, I must admit. is this it?

Hi Marc

I hadn’t come across this either. I was referring to TMS WebCore for Delphi I know they are a competitor but it would be a winning combination.

although that looks interesting


Remoting SDK server can be used as a backend for literally any platform that is able to send out an JSON request over HTTP/HTTPS and to read back JSON response.

As for TMS Web Core: their docs say that “existing JavaScript libraries and frameworks can be used”. So Remoting SDK for JavaScript / DataAbstract for JavaScript or libraries like axios / fetch should work in this environment


I knew it could be used, just wondered if there were any examples before I start messing it up on my own :slight_smile:

Guess TMS support should have some samples where a Web Core app talks to an API defined via OpenAPI/Swagger definition (this is an industry standard)

Do you mind sharing your opinion/experience with TMS WebCore? What is the advantage of using WebCore, versus other technologies such as uniGUI, Blazer (with Oxygene) etc?

Initially I wasn’t interested in it because I was turned off by this pascal to javascript transcompiler thing. I mean, if you have to do things with Web, Javascript/CSS/HTML are unavoidable. Also uniGUI seems to have provided a better solution for Delphi developers (uniGui provides server solution, you can still do Javascript/CSS/HTML with uniGUI so you are not limited). To me, TMS WebCore seems reinventing a wheel, and a very big old wheel.

I could be wrong, and that is the reason I’d like to seek your experience and opinion.

that was my thoughts originally I have done a huge amount of web development with RO back end and then javascript/html/css frontend with webbroker as a go between.

Webcore is all about front end. There is no backend. You have to access a backend such as RO, TMS XData and so on.

Basically you develop an application in Delphi using form designers and pascal code, events etc and it is compiled into a full javascript/html/css app to run in a web browser or as an Electron App. You can get pretty good looking front ends out of the form designer but you can also edit the templates so you have full control over the look and feel.

Most of the effort is in working with the backend. I have been using XData for experimenting but I’m a died in the wool RO guy hence my question.

if you dont mind, as I also spend time on intraweb, uniGUI, traditional web angularjs etc… , I may be not as much experience as you do on web. Therefore, I want to ask your opinion on the webcore. As using delphi to do web frontend, i need spend much time than expected to achieve the front end as native js/html do(most importantly I need use back js and integrate back to delphi in order to fulfill the needs). why you choose webore over others ? I am also interested in you " pretty good looking front ends". would you mind share some link or information on how it is?

I haven’t finally decided on it yet - just trying it out, but it seems an efficient way to build web front ends and it supports Electron App building and PWA too.

it is fairly simple to create a webcore application and deploy it. As you are developing in Delphi you just use the Pascal you know and it takes care of converting that to javascript. It has several built in features for release versions such as optimisation and obfuscation. It has enough controls to build a decent application and there are more that can be licensed (JQWidgets and their FNC component sets) if needed, although I have avoided that so far.

Building the interface is as simple as dropping controls on forms and using the align features. Link the controls up to the web datasets with web datasources - all the usual events are available. Once thing to bear in mind is that calls to servers are async so you will need to write simple handlers for when the promise returns (there are enough examples to get going).

It has built in support for JQuery and Bootstrap.

Just download the trial and give it a go.

Thanks your suggestion. I will download and test how it is.