RemObjects.SDK.IpSuperHttpClientChannel endless retry loop


(Jeroen Vandezande) #1

I have a .NET server using ipSuperHTTPServerChannel and a .NET client using the IpSuperHttpClientChannel.
It all works ok, but when a colleague tried to add client side code to manage when the server goes down or is unplugged we ran into a weird issue:

When we unplug the server computer from the network after the client is connected to it and try to call a remote method the client channel get in an endless loop. No Exception is raised, the client app just freezes. Even after waiting for 30 minutes.
When we reconnnect the server the client app continues without any problems…

We are using version 9.1

Any idea what we can do to catch this?

Best Regards,

Jeroen Vandezande

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://77244

(RemObjects) #3

bugs://77244 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #4


Please send a mail to support@ eith your account name so we’ll provide you an updated build or wait until the next Beta build is published.


(Jeroen Vandezande) #5

Hi I have send the mail…

thank you

(antonk) #6


We plan to publish a Beta today.