Remoting issues (localhost)

We are experiencing more issues with 1517, this time with localhost connections.
We were previously using so its not a huge jump. Again, not yet time to write any conclusions but just a warning to others about this release.

Any chances that you will provide any additional info on this issue?

Steps to reproduce
Create a new Delphi VCL app using components
ROSuperTcpChannel1: TROSuperTcpChannel;
RORemoteService1: TRORemoteService;
ROBinMessage1: TROBinMessage;
Connect together as normal and activate using a button with the normal
(RORemoteService1 as IService).Function

When you first click the button, the server side must be offline (inactive) - might need to be on local host (host =
Next, turn on the server side, then click the button again
RO will say No connection available. Restart client app - problem fixed - Connection now possible

This is a major issue/fault - no fault in,no fault in

Logged as bugs://D19134.

bugs://D19134 was closed as fixed.