Remoting SDK for Delphi - Installer Issue with Rio 10.3

(wuping) #1

After installing with RIO 10.3, the Delphi IDE complains about the following missing bpls:


(EvgenyK) #2

they have changed declaration of one enumeration in their RTM and it caused some problems with our release
this is known and already fixed.
we’ll be shipping updated release early next week.

(wuping) #3

Thank you. Is it ready now? Also, Hydra doesn’t have a version compatible with RIO 10.3?

(EvgenyK) #4

it is ready, but we perform additional testing before releasing.

(marcantheunis) #5

any ETA?

(EvgenyK) #6

this week

(marcantheunis) #7

as a side note:
i find it rather disturbing that all 3rd party components companies have problem delivering a RIO release…
even the embarcadero owned raize comps aren’t available…

(EvgenyK) #8

they have changed some things between 10.3 beta and 10.3 RTM and it caused some problems.

(marcantheunis) #9

rather silly…

(marc hoffman) #10


(estebanp) #11

Lol, If I ever count the number of times I’m forced to do last minute changes i will fill the world with silliness. I guess thats why someone came out with “Agile”, those hard requirements were changing way too much. :slight_smile:

Remoting SDK / Delphi Rio
(marcantheunis) #12

silly in the sense that imho embarcadero should have notified the 3rd party vendors to accomodate… but i have no knowledge on the ins and outs of integrating …
and silly in the sense that one enumation causes 3rd party to fail…
and since i’m not native english maybe the word silly is not the best word to use
does that settle the dust?