RemotingSDK for MacOS 64bit

Hi guys
There seem to be a few issues in the uROHash (i.e. ROAESEncryptionEnvelope) under MacOS 64bit

Do you have a timeframe for release for this new compiler. Using


uROHash.pas (i.e. RODEC) is legacy stuff and it can be considered as deprecated.
TROAESEncryptionEnvelope doesn’t use RODEC.

What issues do you have with TROAESEncryptionEnvelope and MacOS 64bit?

Default new project uses uROEncryption with ROSuperTcpChannel1: TROSuperTcpChannel;
ROBinMessage1: TROBinMessage;
ROAESEncryptionEnvelope1: TROAESEncryptionEnvelope;
RORemoteService1: TRORemoteService;
which uses uROCipher, uROCiphers, uROCipher1, uRODECUtil
I added Library Path C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Source\RODEC to compile these…

It works ok for OSX32… however it does refer to a OSX32 DCU path that doesn’t exist for OSX64 yet… could that be the reason? Or a missing compiler directive…

Remobjects_UseEncryption define should be undefined for OSX64
check, looks like you have

{$DEFINE Remobjects_UseEncryption}

Correct, just compiled with that change before you could reply. Looks like MacOS 64 <> IFDEF NEXTGEN

workaround: add

  {$UNDEF RemObjects_UseEncryption}

to the end of