RO Talk & documentation sez:

Resources are non-code data, such as images, text, audio or other files, that will be included in your application and can be accessed from code at runtime.” &

.res files contain a set of resources packaged up in a Windows-specific binary format. They will be embedded as is, and are supported on all platforms.” [my emphasis]

However, I can’t find how to access the resources, in particular images, using Water/Oxygene. Any info on accessing resources w/ Water/Oxygene? An example of extracting images?

Check out It does not cover all platforms yet, but I’ll see if we can add info for that soon. What platform and target OS are you using?


I use Water/Oxygene on Windows but am designing a Web-Ap using WASM. All will run in a browser. It is a complex project which, prior to WASM, had to be split into an HTML/CSS/JS client on the browser + a ISAPI rule engine (for speed & complexity) on the server. WASM allows me to run it all in the client’s browser. Wonderful invention for Web-Aps.

Ok, I’ll see if we can add information how to access resources from WebAssembly, shortly.

Great! Thanks. --tex