Retrieve Data Table Schema question

I have a Delphi Client/Server application.
If i make any changes in table structure on the server, for every TDAMemDataTable on the client side i have to Retrieve DataTable Schema or else i get an error.

What if i have on the client side 10 or 20 instances of that table structure, there is a way to avoid retrieving fields for each table?


RemoteDataAdapter has this possibility:

by other hand, you can clear fields in your tables. in this way, schemas will be loaded from server at opening.

This is annoying when the tables are on different DataModules connected to different RemoteDataAdapters and you have to find each and every one.

There are differences in the execution times without fields?


you can ignore this difference, because table schema is returned in the same package as data, i.e. no additional call to server is made but 1st package can be increased up to 1KB (depending on how much fields you have in given table).

I misunderstood what that action do.
Retrieve datable schema on the RemoteDataAdapter for me must replicate the same action than executed on the dataset itself.

But running on the remotedataadapter fails to update the links datasets. Must run in every datasets. In the dataset works ok.

Some comments about this or is a bug?

stable RO 9.6

Bets regards.

Seems like is not working that option at design time.

Will that work with data grids?

according to code in TDABaseDataAdapterEditor.RetrieveDataTableSchemas, it should work as expected

if you setup Presentation options, it will.