RO SDK preview SessionManager.RegisterSessionManager not defined

I’m trying to run remobjects sdk version (preview) on our project.
It does not build anymore.

       var lMemorySessionManager = new MemorySessionManager();

The error is: ‘SessionManager’ does not contain a definition for ‘RegisterSessionManager’


As part of the Dependency Injection containers update we introduced a static class RemObjects.SDK.Server.Engine. This class provides access to global SessionManager, EventSinkManager and MessageQueue instances.
Corresponding static properties were removed:

  • RemObjects.SDK.Server.SessionManager.GlobalSessionManager
  • RemObjects.SDK.Server.EventSinkManager.GlobalEventSinkManager
  • RemObjects.SDK.Server.MessageQueueManager.GlobalMessageQueueManager

However in your case you can remove the second code line at all. MemorySessionManager instance registers itself by default, so this code line


is not required.