RO SDK Server on Android / iOS (via .NET Standard)?


Some time ago I was looking at creating a Delphi application with a built-in RO SDK Server but you did not support servers on the mobile devices.

Given that you support .NET Standard 2.0 for Xamarin projects would the server run on a mobile device?

Thank you!


Unfortunately we do not support .NET Standard as a server platform for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract.

After stripping out some features it is possible to build RO SDK server assembly targeting .NET Standard, but it has never been tested nor it is officially supported.


Can I get a quote to make this happen?

We have an application that runs on our scale devices which use RO SDK services to allow controlling them from a Windows service application. This offloads the program / control logic from the scale devices and gives us greater flexibility in what we can do with them. The image below shows the “manager” application that we use to configure and test the operation of the scales. We can define the operating sequence(s) that the scale operators will follow.

The most common application for this system is with truck scales where the drivers pull onto the scale and use a touch screen kiosk to weigh their vehicle.

We want to extend that to have a mobile client that the scale operators can carry around with them. This would give us more flexibility in terms of which scale indicators that we use with our system and it would mean that we could potentially offer a system without the outdoor kiosk. The drivers could simply pull up the mobile client and process the transaction while they’re sitting on the scale.

Ideally this would use some type of zero config option so the client application could locate the RO SDK service in the Windows service application or vice versa.

And to be clear we don’t need Data Abstract server just RO SDK as the commands are fairly simple.

I will need some time to investigate this.

Also later we’ll (possilby) need your help in testing .NET Standard build on a read device (ofc if we get there)


Please drop a mail to support@ with your account name.
We’ll provide you a .NET Standard server build
It does work (including ZeroConf part) on Windows and Linux, but a test on your specific device would be highly appreciated

Just a sneak peek: