RO SDK services in .Net Core?


Are RO SDK services supported in .Net Core yet? I installed v10 Trial and see the service types in the assemblies, but could not see any templates or samples for Core/Standard. I encountered license check errors when I tried to manually create a service in .Net Core.



Yes, .NET Core is supported as a server and client platform by both Remoting SDK and Data Abstract.

Even more, .NET Standard is supported as server and client platform as well (the only limitation there is that Data Abstract Scripting is not supported on .NET Standard).

I’ve attached ta sample project: (2.6 KB)

They are under development right now. Shoul be available in the next build(s).

Check the sample project. There is a file named licenses.licx. During build time this file is used by .NET build system to check licenses and compile licenses. Seems your project was missing that file.


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Thanks, this works very well.

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