ROHTTPServer performance

When we use a TROHTTPServer in place of a TROIndyHTTPServer the responses on the client side are noticeably slower.

Is this a known item and is there something that can be done about it?

We would prefer to use the TROHTTPServer because it’s much easier to get it working with https but the round trip time is significantly longer than the TROIndyHTTPServer.


can you create a simple testcase that demonstrates this issue, pls?

I have a test case here. It is as simple as I could get it to demonstrate the problem. ROHTTPServerTest.7z (1.5 MB)

I also uploaded a screen capture of the problem in action here.


I’ve tested your testcase and I have 201ms for Indy and 213ms for RO Socket server after button was pressed 10 times for each channel.

so I can consider that their performance almost the same


Hi EvgenyK

I also tested the example and I confirm the problem indicated. With Indy the times are around 100-200 ms. With ROHTTPServer the times are 2000-2500 ms

I use Delphi 10.4.1 and last version (.1497) of RO. Tested on Windows 10 20H2 64 bit


I’ve tested with Windows 7 64bit and Delphi 10.4.1.
will retest with Windows 10

Hi EvegenyK

in Windows 10 1903 64 bit work fine. The times are the same.

Indy: 150-160 ms
ROHTTPServer 120-140 ms

The problem occurs on the latest version of Windows 10

Thanks, logged as bugs://85191