ROIndyHTTPServer not binding to all local adaptors on some machines, not sure why

On my developer PC when I make a TROIndyHTTPServer active it binds to all local network adaptors and the port I use (8098) can be seen as listening on and on 192.168.x.x:8098 (whatever my lan IP is).

On some systems it listens only on localhost, these systems tend to be Windows Server systems.
Not sure why but it makes the server service basically useless and non functional.

The IndyServer property inside TROIndyHTTPServer has bindings which are blank (default).
Should it be blank or ?

How can I debug this?


I think, those systems may support IPv6 only so Indy can’t bind IPv4 addresses.
try to enable IPv6 too and check state with Process Explorer

it should be blank.