ROSDK DllServer template not working?

I am using the latest Delphi 10.3.3

The ROSDK new project for DLLServer seems not working. The generated code is … quite messy, I mean, not even valid pascal code.

Also, there is NO DllServer (CodeFirst)? How can I automatically extract the service interface from CodeFirst a DLL server?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83585


pls extract (544 Bytes) into ...\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Templates\RO\DLL folder

it’s a bit not trivial issue with dll server, but is doable. you can get server RODL from CodeFirst server with

procedure TClientForm.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  s: TStream;
  (Channel as IROMetadataReader).RetrieveMetadata(s);

we will review possibility to support CodeFirst in DLL Servers

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bugs://83585 got closed with status fixed.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83586

bugs://83586 got closed with status fixed.

See Remoting SDK for Delphi vNext: New features for details.