ROSDK service calls via DA/Relativity?

I’ve been working on an Oxygene/DA project for awhile now, and just got notice that in addition to all the DB work already implemented, the system will need to do some basic network file management routines to save/delete/view files on a network. Since this is a remote system, the ideal way would be to implement this as a webservice. My quesiton is this - since DA is built on top of RODSK, is there anyway to add “ROSDK methods” to the existing DA server running on Relativity? Or do i need to implement a separate ROSDK service to handle this and connect to that when the time comes?


A small correction: Relativity is built using Data Abstract, not vice versa.

Currently there is no way to add your own service to Relativity Server (after all it is a “pre-built” server)

We are evaluating 2 options to add additional extensibility to Relativity Server:

  1. Ability to use Olympia State server to ‘share’ sessions between Relativity Server and your own servers
  2. Ability to define your own services as Relativity Server plugins

For your convenience I will log these research topics as separate issues so you will be notified once and changes are made.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85450

Thanks, logged as bugs://85451

What Anton forgot to mention, short term, another option is of course to convert your server from using Relativity to a custom DA server, which would then allow you to add additional non-DA ROSDK services to it.

Thanks guys. turns out i may not need to use a service anyway. still investigating here, but the changes to DA/Relativity sound great!

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