ROSDK StringToDecimal error


The ROUtil.StringToDecimal function in the RemObjectsSDK.js file contains a bug.

I noticed this when sending updates of a Decimal field to a DataAbstract server with a Javascript client using the binary streamer. When I was sending a Delta with a Change that contained a field with value 6000, the server got 6. Similarly, when I sent a change of 4500, the server would see 45.

You can easily test this problem with the following one-liner in Javascript; You don’t even need DataAbstract, just the RemObjectsSDK.js file:


The output is 6, instead of 6000…

The DecimalToString implementation is correct, because when data is transferred from server to client, the client sees the correct data: i.e. if I set 6000 in the database, the client in Javascript correctly sees 6000.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85818

bugs://85818 got closed with status fixed.


Yes, there was a bug.

Please drop a mail to support@ and we’ll provide you the fixed .js file

Sorry for the inconvenience