Schema and Memtable field definition Handling

Hi All,

As my DA server is using by 2-3 client application, if I need add a field to a table, I need update server service schema. Then update all corresponding client TDAMemDataTable. However, I m not able to update all client due to the logic implementation. Then result in error for those not updated TDAMemDataTable client ( erro msg: format of data in stream doesn’t match the destintation table format.

what is the suggested handling for this case?

Is it possible base on the TDAMemDataTable field definitation to get those field even not match , just got what the TDAMemDataTable field definitation defined?



you can have empty table schema on client-side (Table.Fields.Clear).
as a result, table’s schema will be read at opening of this table.

another workaround - you can update table schema with table.LoadSchema method before table is opened.

3rd possibility - use the Dynamic Select feature. here you describe that fields should be fetched from server-side. it can be used for reducing network traffic if your table has a big blob data that isn’t required at this moment.