Service Group feature for .NET


May I kindly ask if there are any plans to make the Service Group feature also available for .NET?

Another reason why I’m asking is that somehow the [ROServiceGroup] attribute seems to be available in the .NET SDK (starting with version where the feature has been introduced for RO/D) , but obviously doesn’t work.

Thank you very much for your help!

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it was already logged as bugs://D18313 but isn’t implemented yet.

Hi Evgeny,

Duly noted, thank you for the update!

Besides waiting for a final fix/implementation, is there any possible workaround?

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no workaround yet.
only declaration of attribute was added but internal implementation isn’t added yet.

Okay, thanks.

Any idea when a solution could be implemented/released?
I’m not expecting any exact date/time, just asking… :slight_smile:

I don’t want to make any promises, but we’ll try to have a look at implementing it this or next week, as I actually need/could use this for an internal project, myself ;).

Thank you, that’s great to hear! Looking forward to it!

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Implemented for vNext. For now (and foreseeable future) I’ve kept it simple:

you can optionally attach a single [ServiceGroup] attribute to each service. You can also specify a ServiceGroup on either the ServerChannel or one level up on the NetworkServer (which will propagate it to its channel(s).

If a service has a ServiceGroup set, it will be only callable on channels that have the same ServiceGroup value set. Services without a ServiceGroup will continue to be available on all channels (regardless of whether the channel has a ServiceGroup set or not).

Not implemented yet:

  • ServiceGroup Codegen for RODL-based servers (though adding the attribute will work)
  • ServiceGroups don’t yet affect RODL generation, meaning the RODL servers by your channel will include all services, even those that aren’t accessible.

Thanks a lot!
Where can I get these new implementations? Is there a beta or a new release planned in the very near future?

I’ll see if we can do a beta build today or tomorrow.

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beta was released