ServiceBuilder and missing codegen


(mjtrainor) #1

I’m using the licensed Remoting SDK ( with both Delphi and VisualStudio (C#) and I’m having a problem with codegen in the ServiceBuilder. I touched on this briefly in the past and thought (erroneously as it turns out) that it was just a trial issue.

If I install the Delphi and all Clients version I have missing codegen entries (under CodeGen, C# for .Net) and if I install the .Net and all Clients version I have missing codegen entries (under CodeGen, Delphi). I need to be able to do .Net and Delphi servers codegen.

Currently I have the .Net version installed and having only CodeGen, Delphi, interface and server access available. I installed the Delphi version onto a different machine (though I won’t have this available long term) and did some digging and discovered many of the Delphi BPLs are not installed/compiled/registered when installing the .Net version so I copied those over and installed/registered them in the Delphi IDE and returning at least some of the missing functionality I had in the Delphi IDE.

However, I see in the ServiceBuilder plugins list that I only have CodeGen4.Delphi.Intf and CodeGen4.Delphi.ServerAccess. Missing is CodeGen4.Deplhi.Invk, CodeGen4.Delphi.Impl, CodeGen4.Delphi.All and IdentifierValidator.Delphi. I don’t see any obvious missing DLLs in the RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin folder between the two editions. Or any obvious entries in the registery. Though obviously I could have missed something.

I found a similar post from a few years back, but it appears there’s been some refactoring/restructuring of the ServerBuilder bin folder since then and the comments did not appear relevant to the situation now.

Can someone advise what I can do to gain/recover/whatever the missing codegen entries in the ServiceBuilder? While I would obviously desire a permanent clean solution a temporary swap things solution would be acceptable for the time being - considering my current method to swap is uninstall and reinstall the SDK every time.

(EvgenyK) #2

lets describe the difference - if you install Delphi and all Clients - it installs Delphi server + all clients, if you install .Net and all Clients - it installs .NET server + all clients.
as you can see, you miss Delphi or .NET server.

why you can’t install one of these combinations ?

  • Remoting SDK for .NET and all Clients & Remoting SDK for Delphi
  • Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients & Remoting SDK for .NET

(mjtrainor) #3

Is that viable? I assumed after having the first package removed when installing the second that that would happen with any combination?

(EvgenyK) #4

you can install even .NET and all Clients and Delphi and all Clients together.

note: the version should be the same

(mjtrainor) #5

I’d have to try it again, but my experience shows otherwise. As far as I know installing the .Net and all Clients uninstalled Delphi and all Clients. Anyway, I’ll give it a try and reply back if it doesn’t work.

(EvgenyK) #6

it shouldn’t uninstall another product

(mjtrainor) #7

Ok, installing the second ‘server’ did not uninstall the second product, but the ServiceBuilder only has the codegen for the last server installed. I had the .Net installed, then installed the Delphi and now I can Delphi codegen and not C# codegen (in that the C# for .Net codegen only has two entries, rather than all of them).

(EvgenyK) #8

Ok, I understand your problem. when you install “NET and all clients” , it sets in registry that NET server is installed and sets for all others products that clients are installed.
when you install over “Delphi and all clients” - it sets Delphi server is installed and unsets NET server


(RemObjects) #9

Thanks, logged as bugs://80741

(mjtrainor) #10

Well, unless it left stub entries behind after install the registry editing was unnecessary. Installed .Net and all Clients and Delphi and w/o Clients as suggested and the server key exists for both .Net and Delphi w/o editing.

Delphi IDE shows proper menu entries, VS 2017 shows Remoting SDK section for new project (all I checked) and ServiceBuilder has the proper entries for CodeGen for Delphi and VS.

Thanks for all your help.