Settings bundle

(jeremy) #1

I’ve added a settings bundle into an iOS app but it doesn’t appear in ‘settings’ and I wonder what I’ve missed. It works fine if I do so in Xcode (and in fact, I’ve used the same bundle to try it.


(marc hoffman) #2

What’s the build action for the bundle? does it end up inside the .app package ok?

(jeremy) #3

It was ‘None’ initially (I added it using Fire’s add new file), but changed it to AppResource and yes I can see it in the package.

(jeremy) #4

That’s odd, it has just appeared and all I have done is toggled a couple of times the build action, just to answer your question. When I’ve finished what I’m doing I’ll see if I can replicate it.

(got an app update rejected as it’s sending data back to our server - using DA -and I didn’t ask the user first, even though it’s the whole point of the app and they never mentioned it before)

(marc hoffman) #5

Ok. None should definitely not work, and it shouldn’t even make it into the .app with that. None means “just completely ignore this file” :wink:


(jeremy) #6

That’s what I had assumed. I will try and replicate it.

To quote:

Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal

We noticed that your app does not obtain user consent before collecting the user’s personal data.

Next Steps

To collect personal data with your app, you must make it clear to the user that their personal data will be uploaded to your server and you must obtain the user’s consent before the data is uploaded.

  • Starting with iOS 6, there are keys for specifying the reason the app will access the user’s protected data. When the access prompt is displayed, the purpose specified in these keys is displayed in that dialog box. If your app will be transmitting protected user data, the usage string in your access request should clearly inform the user that their data will be uploaded to your server if they consent.


For more information on these keys, please review the Information Property List Key Reference.