Significant Elements WPF Application for learning

Does anyone have, or can point to, a “significant” WPF Windows based Client/Server type application with source code that I could view, to learn from? I’m talking about a “real life” UI with significant field based validation code logic, and code based Database access - select/edit/add/delete .

The examples I’ve found so far have been useful, but seem to be based on “how easy it is to do easy stuff”. Unfortunately in the real world it’s not the easy stuff that is needed.

I’m happy to sign an NDA if needed.


The only “significant” app I can offer up from our side is Water, but for one, I’m afraid I can’t share the code, for another, it has levels of additional complexity because the code base is designed to share a lot of code with Cocoa that would probably not make it a good teaching base for WPF… But it can serve as a showcase for how nice a WPF-based app can feel (well, as nice as anything can rem on Windows :crazy_face:).

OK Thanks for the thought anyway.

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