[SOLVED] Demo App Created - Don't Have Permission to Run

Parallels 14 VM
OSX Mojave 10.14.3
Xcode 10.2
Oxygene/Fire (Yes I know there’s an update, it failed and manually downloading didn’t help so rolled back to this version)

First Post so mandatory background:
I apologise at the outset for the noob questions you may get a few from me and they may seem ‘dooh’ to you, but my little brain gets stumped. Quick background: lazarus (L) several years ago, then delphi (D) to 10.3 and got absolutely SICK of waiting for a macOS x64 compiler. So, back to L, which I like, but it always seems to be blowing up in my face. A colleague (excellent programmer) moved from windows to swift and is way ahead of me in the macOS sphere (not jealous just saying his C++ skills seem to have translated much better). Looking to Oxygene to get a more stable environment and a more macOS feel. The move from D/L then to Oxygene is way more complicated than the move from D to L (maybe I’m just not as smart as the great unwashed), meh… I do see the benefits of Oxygene and really like the concept, I just need to be able to make it work.

So my simplistic first post. I have built my first mac app (it took a few goes, but hey). It builds, but will not run, says I don’t have permission to run the application. Simple question: What am I doing wrong?


Thanks to Marc from RemObjects, he pointed out it was my fault (as it usually is). He asked whether I was pressing CMD R in Xcode or Fire, see below:

Hi Marc,

As instructed, press CMD R in XCODE. OK I see where this is heading.

Missed the last line in the paragraph before " running your app", my bad (again)…

And with that, the app is done. You can now close Xcode, go back to Fire, and run it.

Running Your App

You’re now ready to run your app. To do so, simply hit the “Play” button in the toolbar, or press ⌘R

OK, you can close this one. Pilot error again.


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