Some Bugs:

(SH) #21

I wanted to add some new bugs for the current Build .2261:

  1. Exception with a message in constructor, doesnt show in the Exception-GUI
  2. Compilation + Debugging now takes up to 20 Seconds to start, each time!
  3. IDE doesnt color static-classes
  4. E0: internal Error reference not set to an instance of an object (in require section)
  5. Closed Parenthesis “(())” doesnt show which open-parenthesis belongs to the closed-parenthesis, i.e:
    "((10 > 20) or (20 > (10 mod 2)));" no paranthesis gets colored, so I cant see, which expression is in parenthesis
  6. E0: internal error: Unknown typeID for System.NamedTuples
  7. C-like memory allocation within a record (still) doesnt work, but when the type is class, it works!

(marc hoffman) #22

Please don’t keep recycling the same thread for new issues.

(marc hoffman) #23