Some sound notifications

Since building doesn’t get in the way I had got into the habit of doing them all the time, so I find the build failing sound annoying.

I only really like the successful one. Is it possible to just have that one turned on ?


Yeah,. adding options for the sounds is next one my list. To start with I just wanted to know if I like the sounds at all, before I bothered with the work of exposing all the UI for options ;). As it turns out, I sometimes like them a lot and sometimes (I agree) the fail sound is annoying, especially when the bjuid failed the 37th time in a row ;). I’ll brainstorm more on the defaults (maybe only play the sound when the project isn’t in the foreground, etc)?

Once I got it all clear, I’ll add options (and maybe I’ll add a singe sound yes/no master switch, earlier).