StackTrace property for Exceptions in Locals Windows

Would it be possible to display something more meaningful

I’ts just showing a bytearray. Should it show the method names on the left hand side ?


Well, it’ll show whatever the actual type is? I’ll see of we can add special handling for this, but it ,looks like the data actually is empty in this case?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83731

I dont think so, in some cases it shows as nil

and then there is this case where it shows less properties

Hello, John,

_stackTrace field is a SByte array, but there is a StackTrace property that gets string representation of stack frames.
What about situation when Exception doesn’t show all the properties, is it posiible to provide us with a testcase reproducing this? (136.7 KB)

In this one I don’t see a stacktrace property

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I think this is it, if you run consoleapplication in this solution it stops with that exception, although in this case it has no properties (350.4 KB)

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With this one (380.1 KB) I get an excepton with different properties. Its strange because the app still seems to run if you ignore that.

This .NET Core, right? Not Mono?

The cartersample and ThrowConsoleApplication are but ConsoleApplication7 is mono

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