Strategy for handling disconnects with SuperTCP

(egold2005) #1


What is the preferred way when dealing with disconnects? The clients can run over GSM network that are not stable at all…Should i use OnLoginNeeded event somehow?


(antonk) #2


Which platforms are used on the server and client side? Also do your clients utilize server-sent events? How critical it would be if these events will arrive with some delay on mobile clients?

(egold2005) #3

Thanks Anton, we are using Windows clients running in terminal sessions in some locations, as well as plain clients running in Win64 environment connecting to Windows Server.

Yes we are planning to use events. Events are being used in non-critical areas, so it is okay if they arrive with some delay.

(antonk) #4

SuperTcp channel is sensible to flaky connections. It will auto-reconnect to the server but such attempts will consume server and client resources.

You could consider using SuperHttp so clients running in local network would use all features of Super- channel including fast delivery of events. At the same time clients that have flaky connection could use simple Http channel to access server (also in this case the client will be able to connect via Http proxy server if needed). In this case a poll model will be used to receive events data, so there will be some delay (still it is possible to configure the event receiver to limit such delay with 2 or 4 seconds).

SuperHttp server channel can be configured to allow it to serve the plain Http requests, so there will be no need to use 2 separate server channels for super- and simple- Http data access.

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Thanks Anton.