Sugar not building in Fire

just downloaded the latest sugar and tried to build in Fire 10.
hundreds of errors, mostly seeming to stem from lines like


which are giving an error! No matching $IFDEF or $ELSE

even though there is

just above it.


I doubt it was updated for the new compiler, it was replaced with this


thanks for that John,

unfortunately that doesn’t build either :frowning:

lines like this one…
[&Equals] method &Equals(Obj: Object): Boolean; override;

Equals is highlighted as unknown type

am I missing something?

Note that RTL2 is included with the compiler you already have. Add “Elements RTL” (Elements.fx) to the references.

What it fails on is a new aspect we added recently, you’ll need a version from around the build time if your compiler (Fri, Jan 18, 2019).

Sugar us deprecated, and not updated to build for Elements later than v9.2.

Elements RTL (aka RTL2) is being regularly maintained and the current top revision will often require the very latest compiler, too. In this case, [Equals] was added in 2369, and you’ll need that version of the compiler (or later) to build latest RTL2.

(of course, as Carlo mentioned, each version of Elements also ships with a version of Elements RTL that will work out of the box).

Yep, built in RTL is working fine.

Didn’t realise there was no more sugar…

Elements RTL should pretty much be a drop-in replacement, with maybe a few minor adjustments.