Suggestions for Hydra 6.1

(Carsten Bartholomae) #1

i would like to make some suggestions to improve the Hydra product:

Looking at the out-of-the-box examples for Hydra 6, some of them are a little boring for me, because they are to simple (see mixed mode example)
i would appreciate that in the next version, more complex examplescould be provided which could highlight more possibilities what can be done with Hydra

In my awareness, Silverlight seems to be deprecated by Microsoft.
Therefore, why not replacing the silverlight plugin by “Javascript/CSS” plugins

Host Menu and Toolbar Integration of visual Plugins
Since Hydra 4, i am missing the feature to integrate visual plugins into the hosts menu and/or toolbar.
This exists already for the delphi plugins but not for visual .NET plugins or other supported Visual Plugins
I would like to see that feature on the roadmap


(antonk) #2


Thank you for you suggestions and feedback. I’ll log them for further consideration.