Support for .NET standard how to reference RemObject assemblies


(datagrafikk) #1

Changelog for Data Abstract update (9.4) says “Convert DataAbstract and RO SDK to .NET Standard 2.0”.
I’ve installed RemObjects Data Abstract for Visual Studio, Server Edition -
I’m on Visual Studio 2017 and I’ve converted one of my csproj files to .netstandard 2.0, how can I reference RemObjects assemlies?
Do you have any documentation or examples on how to reference Data Abstract in a .net standard project?
I’ve not dabbled enough in .NET standard, so I’m likely missing something basic

(antonk) #2


Just like any other assemblies in any other project in VS

Right-click Dependencies, select Add New Reference, then click Browse and go to <<folder where you did install Data Abstract>>\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for .NET\Bin\.NETStandard. Select all 4 assemblies and press Add. Then press OK to confirm your selection. That’s all.


(datagrafikk) #3

Thanks, I see!