Switch from Debug to Release does not rebuild

To reproduce:

  1. Take a solution with a dll and an exe project.
  2. Build the solution using the Release configuration
  3. Switch to debug and change the parameters of a mehod in the dll (and the call to it in the exe)
  4. Build the exe project - the dll gets build too (as it should be)
  5. Switch to release
  6. build (not rebuild) the exe project - dll gets not build and the exe can not be compiled because of the changed parameters

Solution: mark all projects as changed (so they will be build next round) as soon as the debug/release changes.

Curious. Can I see a full build log for this? I assume VS, correct? can you reproduce the same in Water?

EBuild keeps a separate cache for each configurations, so in theory this should not happen; when you build Release again, it should find the dll outdated and rebuild it (unless VS does its own logic of what it thinks needs. building…

I will have to make some time for that - I just had it when I switched to release, to release the next version of the software. - No real problem, just did a rebuild and everything was fine.

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I only work with VS.

This could be - I had about 2 years ago a similar problem with VB.

Right, I know. But knowing if it shows in Water too will help narrow down whether this is an issue in EBuild or in VS, which I in turn determines who’ll need to have a look and what the chance of a quick fix is ;). I can’t test in VS (or Water) myself right now, because my Surface, which I used for Windows work/testing, died of a swollen battery ;(

I’ll try myself, in Fire; if it doesn’t repro there, it’s a VS-level issue.

Does not repro; so it’s a VS thing.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83064