i don’t really want to be bothered by buffersize
so can i set this to -1 for example to have an unlimited buffersize?

Just let it at the default value 262144. Unfortunately it cannot be set to -1

You can check the TDADataStreamer.Initialize method sources to see how exactly this value is used.

wel in the early days this value restricted the amount of data that could be sent over in 1 call
so i’ve set this at 10mb instead of 256kb
does it now paginates depending on the buffersize since you recommend the default value?


Buffersize property specifies initial capacity of TROBinaryMemoryStream.
if you specify it 10mb, it means that 10 mb buffer will be allocated even you need to send few bytes.
256kb is optimal value for this value

is there a drawback using this value with large datasets?
but in anyway, this is nog limiting the amount of data that is being sent over?


not yet. it is initial size of internal buffer

you are limited to amount of memory. also this value depends on platform (x86 or x64).