The future of .NET 5 and Standard


I hope that you’ve read about incomming changes:

and the Elements will be “ready” for November 2020. You never know what Microsoft will come up with again.

We’ve supported .NET Core for a while, and fully since .NET Core 3.0 shipped. We’ve been supporting .NET Core 5 beta for a while as well.

As for whatever MS breaks between the latest beta and November, we’ll of course try to keep on top.


One change I made today (that was long on my list) is making it so that version “.NET5.0” or ".NETFramework5.0"or higher will switch over to the .NET Core tool chain (until now, 5.0 would simply have been an unknown version f the classic runtime, which only “.NETCore5.0” would have targeted Core. The available framework versions in the picker in Project Settings will also reflect that.

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