Toffee SDK Importer —Ported to Oxygene and Open source

If anyone’s interested (and even if not ;):

As those of you who have dealt with manually importing Cocoa SDKs and libraries to .fx files for use with Elements know, the import has been handled by a mixture of Train (JavaScript) script and our good old friend HeaderImporter.exe. the Train script has the logic to gather what to import (and it’s been pretty convoluted and hard to grok, let alone maintain), while HeaderImporter.exe does the actual import and generates the .fx file(s).

Well, good news is, I’ve been isn the process of porting generate.train to (much m ore readable and easier to debug) native Oxygene code, and it’s available on GitHub at for review and feedback.

Right now, HI2 supports importing core SDKs for Cocoa — both for Toffee and also for Island/Darwin (more on what’s happening there, in a future message), and it should be fully up to replacing generate_sdks.train. Next up on my list is porting the support for importing libraries and standalone .frameworks, as well.

Fire’s “Tools|Cocoa|Import…” menu does not use the new code yet (it still runs generate.train), but will soon.

Feedback appreciated — and if nothing else, it might be an interesting read for anyone who wants to know more about what’s involved with importing a new Cocoa SDK to .fx files.

This seems to reference other projects so its not possible to build ?


Oops sorry I didnt realize it was 4 years old.

I can build it by referencing RemObjects.Elements.Basic from the zip distro

Exactly; it should only need .dlls we ship.

It is 4 years old, but should have been updated recently, and it is still what we use for the current imports