TROZeroConfBrowser , service not found via VPN


(Armindo DA SILVA) #1


I have a problem with ZeroConfBrowser.

The server use a IP adresse like this 192.168.100.X is on a the main Network
A client that use a IP adresse like this 192.168.100.Y will detect the server But a client in another agency with IP like 192.168.20.Z and using VPN to connect to the Main network won’t be able to detect the server.

For the domain I use local. what should I use instead to be reachable using a VPN ?

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(EvgenyK) #2

We using Bonjour for our ZeroConfBrowser so your problem is Bonjour over VPN.

pls read , they have some workarounds

(Armindo DA SILVA) #3

Thanks Evgeny !