TROZeroConfRegistration question

What sets the host name being broadcast from a TROZeroConfRegistration (this is a Delphi server), because generally it is the computer name but I sometime have it where it gets changed (with -1, -2, -3 etc being appended to the computer name) and I can’t work out where this comes from or how to clear it. I think it must be on the windows side, since if I use your Bonjour discovery client it shows the same host names. It’s causing an occasional problem on an iPad app since I remember the host name so when work’s done offline, it is sent back to the same place it came from. I can strip the -x of course but wondered if there is a way to make it work again in Delphi. Even a PC reboot makes no difference.


it can be a Bonjour issue.
Can you review the Bonjour registration state with any other bonjour browser like JBonjourBrowser or other?

Where will I find that? I found another ( but it only shows the IP addresses, not the resolved host name. Is there a way to tell bonjour what the host name should be?


You need JBonjourBrowser.jar and dns_sd.jar.
it can be downloaded from 1st link in google.
dns_sd.jar can be found in subfolders.

Typically, it’s now gone back to the computer name (I’ve moved back to my office - been at home due to office flooding!) so I’ll have to wait for it to happen again but by the sound of it, you’re saying that it’s nothing on the delphi side, but something to do with the way Apple’s bonjour is. That gives me something to research (though I have no clue what to do with those jar files you pointed me at!).

when you launch JBonjourBrowser.jar, it will show something like

Ah yes, of course! I don’t have the java stuff on there though, or this mac, but I guess I can do it when it happens again. Pretty sure that in your example, I’d see Delphi7-2.local:8099 and the question was really - where would the -2 come from. I’m thinking now that from what you’ve said it’d be bonjour not your components.