TSimpleLoginServer missing ServiceDataStreamer & others following upgrade to 1495


I upgraded to RO SDK/DA v10.0.0.1495 on Monday. I have a code-first Delphi custom server.

On opening my LoginService (based on TSimpleLoginService) I was informed that the following no longer exist:

  • ServiceDataStreamer
  • ExportDataTables
  • OnBeforeGetDatasetData
  • BeforeGetDatasetData

The first is my only immediate concern - where do I specify the data streamer to use for the login service ?



this is https://talk.remobjects.com/t/data-abstract-for-delphi-vnext-new-features/19700/11 change.

in brief - LoginService won’t work as usual DataService, i.e. it shouldn’t return any select … from … to client by default.
if you still need it, you may return such Binary via custom method manually.

Thank you Evgeny. I tested it and the login service still works as expected.

I have turned on notifications for that thread too :smiley:

Many thanks & seasons greetings

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