Unable to build due to missing license?

I’ve suddenly become unable to build my project due to a missing RemObjects license?

The message I see when building states:

You installed a new version of RemObjects SDK for .NET but no up-to-date license was found that covers this new version. An update license is required to continue.

I’ve not actually installed a new version, this is still using 10.0.1457 and has been for quite a while. In fact it’s gone through several successful builds already today.

Attempts to download the license or apply it via a .license file don’t seem to be working.

What has triggered this change and how do I fix it please?

It seems your previous license expired today, and the system hasn’t downloaded your new renewed license yet. Can you try re-downlaoding?


You need to delete the obj and bin folders from your project’s folder and then rebuild the project. VS should ask you to download the new license and then it will use it.

VS tend to cache the precompiled license info so sometimes even installing a new licenses file won’t trigger it to update the that info

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It was able to connect and download the license; it now builds again.


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Thank-you. That seems to have been the issue.
It is now able to build again!

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