Unable to debug Oxygen library from blazor (webassembly) project

Hi Team,

Please find attached project of Blazor app and have two class libraries one is C# and one is Oxygene .
From Counter page I can debug my C# library but unable to get debug in Oxygene library .
Could you please help.

BlazorApp2.zip (337.0 KB)



What steps are you using to debug the Oxygene WebAssembly part? Are you using Visual Studio’s Blazor debugger? Right now, the only officially supported/tested way to debug Elements WebAssembly is our own WEbAssembly debugger, which you get when launching an Eleme3nts WebAssembly,bnly Modele project directly (see https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Platforms/WebAssembly/Debugging/)…

Using Visual studio and RemObjects Elements with Water(
Steps are normal set breakpoint in library and run the application.


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