Unable to evaluate expression of basecontroller in ios app

I created a TableView application and ran it in the debugger. I have a breakpoint in ViewDidLoad

If I try and look at self rather than showing the properties of UITableViewController is has “unable to evaluate expression”

Not in the screen shot but I add a property of type list in the controller and than appears


Actually here is a screen shot

Yeah, this is known issue we’re looking at. It seems something broke with LLDB recently, and objects sometimes/often don’t evaluate properly anymore :(.

As a workaround, can you try setting the Debug Engine from LLDB to Island in Project Settings? That one comes with its own set of drawbacks that we’re still working addressing, but in the long run, we’ll probably have the Island debugger replace LLDB for good, anyways.

Which setting is that ?

“Debug Engine”, the default is “LLDB”.

I cant see it :frowning:

You have Show Advanced Settings on?

I have

Ah, looks like that setting might e exposed for macOS only, not of iOS. try manually adding it to your project, <ToffeeDebugEngine>Island</ToffeeDebugEngine>.

It seems to remove apart from the private I have in the current class.

This is with Island? @elenap?

If I set Use Toffee v1 to false then I have nothing

I don’t quite understand, Burt thats a separate issue. turning Toffee1V1 off switches the compiler to use Island/Darwin.

I mean that self it totally empty

Ah yes. We’ll have a look at that, too.

Is the is island debugging in Fire being looked into ?

Yes, this is being worked on as we speak.

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