Updating schema modeler entities


(Matteo) #1

Could you provide a way to update entities (Tables, Commands, etc.) in schema modeler “merging” information with the old entity?

For example, let’s assume I have Table Books in DB and 3 stored procedures Books_ins, Books_upd, Books_del associated with that entity:

  1. when importing, actually the tables and the SPs are overwritten by the new objects (so I’m losing all the configuration I’ve done on that table).
  2. If I import only SPs (already attached to a table), the table “lose the pointers” to that SPs and that’s quite risky, because I can miss something during import phase, breaking my app logic because of that.

Thank you

(antonk) #3


Could you elaborate what exactly do you mean?

Currently Schema Modeler allows to update Schema entity definition if its underlying database-level object has been changed. What exactly do you mean as ‘importing’?


(Matteo) #4

You’re right, I apologize. With I mean <dragging and dropping the entity (table, view or stored procedure) from “Connections Manager” window to “Data abstract schema modeler” window>

I’m adding a screencast showing what I mean (respectively behaviour 1 and 2 of my previous post)

Please let me know if something is not clear yet.

(antonk) #5

I see.

If you need to update a table (f.e. because database table has been changed) there is an easier way:

  1. Select a Schema Table
  2. Select its Fields node
  3. There are buttons Update Fields and Recreate Fields. Use the latter to refetch the table structure from the database.

Similar approach will also work for Schema Commands

  1. Select a Schema Command
  2. Select its Parameters node
  3. Press the Recreate Parameters button


(Matteo) #6

Awesome, thank you.