Upgrade and breaking changes 10.0.1463 to


I’m looking to stay current and upgrade from build .1463 to .1495 and have run into a few breaking changes.

The SimpleLoginService has a few and I believe I can workaround these (access to a SQLite database)


There is another change that I could use some help with though - a change to DeltaChangeErrorEventHandler.

method DataIService.DataIService_ProcessError(sender: System.Object; e: RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.DeltaChangeErrorEventArgs);
  e.CanContinue := false;  

How should this be declared and handled in build .1495 ?


You should consider to use BaseLoginService as the base service for your Login Service.

The SimpleLoginService service is considered as obsolete and eventually will be removed from Data Abstract.

For security reasons all data-access related properties amd methods were removed from BaseLoginService. So you need to remove these assignments and consider using a LocalDataAdapter instead.

You can either rewrite this line as

this.ProcessError += @self.DataIService_ProcessError;

or just set property DataService.RollbackUpdatesOnError to true (this will do exactly the same as your event handler)

Sorry for the inconvenience

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