Upgrading RODA stream read erro


(EvgenyK) #23

can you create a simple testcase, that reproduces original issue, pls?
we should be able to reproduce it on our side too.
you can send it directly to support@

(marcantheunis) #24

well since the code handles the writing and reading of datmemo (in DA3!) differently i guess it isn’t that hard to simulate…
will need to find some time to do a testcase, we are a very small team with lots of deadlines…
(and i already had to put a lot of time into it to get it working)
the change was made after version 107 iirc

(EvgenyK) #25

actually, code in uDABinAdapter.pas wasn’t touched since 2013 except minor changes unrelated with reading/writing datMemo

(marcantheunis) #26

no the change that causes the problem in uDABinAdapter is the change in uDaDelta.pas
which handles datMemo as a variant array of byte which uDaBinAdapter could not stream…
this change was introduced after build 107 which we were running…

(EvgenyK) #27

I see this change.
we had problem when datMemo (i.e. data in AnsiString format) was written as UnicodeString when we used old processing via usual string so we decided to write it the same as datBlob for preventing data loss.
Bin1 wasn’t updated and you caught this issue.

(marcantheunis) #28


(EvgenyK) #29

your changes are correct. no additional changes are needed.

(RemObjects) #30

bugs://81589 got closed with status fixed.

(RemObjects) #31

bugs://81598 got closed with status nochangereq.

(marcantheunis) #32

will this fix make it in the next stock release?

(EvgenyK) #33

yep, it was already merged and will be present in the next beta