Use of C# in an Oxygene project and licensing

(Bob Russell) #1

I recently purchased the “get out of Delphi” package of software. Today I added a C# file to an Oxygene project (as advised I could mix languages in the same project). I got the Trial screen indicating a need for a licence. I understood that the C# language was included in the Elements package - am I misunderstanding? What do I need to do to be licensed for C# as well?


(marc hoffman) #2


we sell Elements as combo of all dour languages ($799, new user), as well as individual languages ($599, new user). The former option gives you Oxygene, C#,Java and Swift, but the single language options only give you, well, the single language — in your case Oxygene.

One option would be to renew to the full Elements package (even if your first year is not yet up that will work, and will in fact add a full new year to the end of your current period).


(Bob Russell) #3

Hi Marc. I understand. How would I upgrade/renew to the full elements package?
Regards Bob Russell

(marc hoffman) #4


you can use this link:

(Bob Russell) #5

Hi Marc, I’m a bit puzzled. I paid for the special “exit Delphi” as I assumed at that time that the Oxygene language would be all that I needed. Recognising now that it would be good to go for all 4 in the Elements package, you have quoted an upgrade that would cost $699. That means that I would have paid in total significantly more than if I had gone originally for the full Elements set at $799.

Am I misunderstanding?

Regards Bob Russell

(marc hoffman) #6


the $699 will give you a full renewal of Elements, extending your current license. IOW, for $699 now, you’d get the same as if you’d wait until your current year of Oxygene ends and would then renew to get a full year of new versions for all four languages, plus you get the three other languages now, to use in the period covered by your current Oxygene. So that’s actually quite a deal, especially if your current license is relatively fresh, as you get almost two years of C#, Swift and Iodine (Plus the second year of Oxygene).

If you’d bought Elements from the get-goat $799, your subscription would end a year earlier than it does if you up-renew now.

Does that make sense?

(Bob Russell) #7

Hi Marc. Thanks for the swift response, and on a Saturday as well! That makes sense. Thanks. I will go ahead with your offer.
So now even more to discover!
Regards Bob Russell