Use of StringArray


(estebanp) #1

Hi guys,

Delphi, Tokyo, Latest Release - 1.

We are seeing from time to time exception errors while processing a list of strings. Usually we create a structure list of whatever the object we want and the code generator will create a descendant of TROArray that holds the list.

We were on the need of a list of strings, and in order to avoid creating a structure of String, we ended up using StringArray which is declared on DataAbstract4_intf. Now we are seeing from time to time errors while dealing with these kind of structure. Basically possible wrong indexes, counts and others that are causing access violations. It is only happening on methods where we are using StringArray. Is there any special consideration while using this data object? is it recommended? should we stay away from it?

Reviewing the code it is quite similar to a regular generated list of objects, but there are differences on GteIndex, Index of, etc, but nothing that look outstanding or quite different.

Thank you.

(EvgenyK) #2


this class isn’t thread-safe so it may generate errors when the same object is used from different threads.

can you create a simple testcase that reproduces AV and others errors, pls?
you can attach testcase here or send directly to support@