Using contentproperty in elements 10 can cause issue


(Gert Hermans) #1 (123.7 KB)
Somewhere in our software we have created a labelled control user control that uses the contentproperty attribute. In elements 10 this user control causes a null exception, this was not the case in elements 9.3.
I’ve created the dummy project in 9.3 (where it worked) and then upgraded to elements 10 when I get the exception. I’ve put some break points in LabelledControl.pas. The main difference is that in elements 9.3 initializeComponent is handled fully first and after that WrappedControl is accessed. In elements 10 WrappedControl is handled during initializecomponent, WrappedContentControl is not assigned yet causing the null exception?

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://81454

(Carlo Kok) #3

nice catch! It wasn’t really assigning it, but our xaml processor used the UserControls’ “ContentProperty” attribute to fill the content of the control itself, that should only work from the outside. Fixed for fridays’ beta, thanks!

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bugs://81454 got closed with status fixed.