Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1

Hi, I’m using RemObjects Oxygene for .NET - Version to build my project using command line. I get this error:

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: path1

It works ok from Delphi Prism XE3 IDE.

I could not find a good solution that works.


It’'s hard to say what could cause this without any additional context, but also, Oxygene 5.2 is, literally, over a decade old. Does this issue persist with a kore recent (i.e. 10.x) build of Oxygene?

Thank you for your reply. I have Delphi XE3 Prism that included Oxygene v5.
Delphi XE4 and later do not include Oxygene I believe!

I have an image if that helps

Indeed, later versions of Oxygene are a separate purchase directly from us, as our bundling agreement with Embarcadero ended.

Not really, I’m afraid, If you could send me the whole project to, I can see if the project compiles with latest (or if there error persists, but that is highly unlikely, as pretty much everything that could cause this kind of error has changed in the past 10 years). Alternatively, you could download our latest trial version and try with that… (15.2 KB)
Hello, I made a sample program for you that gets the same error.

Updating to a new version is good, however, it would take months before we starting it w/live customers.

Thank You

Thanx, I’ll have a look in the morning to see if i can reproduce the same issue with a recent version.

Thanks, hope you will be able to figure it out!

FWIW, I just tried, and your project compiles ok for me with the latest Oxygene 10. So whatever the cause for the error may be, I suggest upgrading to the latest version will be the proper solution, as we cannot provide fixes for Oxygene 5 anymore, at this stage.

Thank you so much for your help. I will run this by my manager.

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