Version 2291 for Visual Studio?

(Theo) #1

I see on the release channel that 2291 is gone and replaced by 2293 as preview, while 2289 is still the stable version.
As I work with visual studio, I can not use the preview, but I need the multi-line interpolated string that was fixed in 2291. Can I get an 2291+ elements build that works with Visual Studio 2017?

(marc hoffman) #2


every Windows installer will integrate with Visual Studio, even the ones that include Water. (that said, please give Water a try! :wink:

(Theo) #3

I would, but I still need VB.Net to be able to reuse my old code.

(marc hoffman) #4


I’d love to hear more art your exact use case, and what we can do to make migrating to Water easier. IE, do you still actively work on the VB code a lot, or is it merely a static project or .dll you reference from your Oxygene code? In the latter case, you an of course still work in your Oxygene projects in Water, just referencing the already-compiled .dll created with VB. If you still work on both, maybe we can do something to make that scenario easier as well…

(Theo) #5

I am still activily using VB, as all my projects are in VB (I just finished my migration from VB6 last year, when the last project was rebuild). So it is a very long process.

What will help: a VB.Net to Oxygene converter :grin: