Version conflict in RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition - - Trial

Delphi 10.3.3 Rio
Trying to compile my first Data Abstract server project (DbIsam4 remoteserver) but testing ends to error:
[dcc32 Fatal Error] uROEventReceiver.pas(917): F2051 Unit DataAbstract4_Intf was compiled with a different version of uROEventReceiver.TROEventInvoker

I can’t reproduce this case.
I’ve used the Briefcase sample for tests.
My version of Delphi is 26.0.36039.7899

Hi, thanks for the reply
The problem may be due to the fact that a licensed version of RemObjects SDK v is already installed on delphi.
Uninstalling the Data Abstract trial version also removed this previously installed RemObjects SDK.
Reinstalling the SDK messed up Delphi’s environment so that it could no longer compile anything.
Therefore, Delphi needs to be completely reinstalled.
I don’t think I’ll try Data Abstract again.


Remoting SDK is a part of Data Abstract so installing/uninstalling of Data Abstract has influence to Remoting SDK.

in your case, for testing of trial version of Data Abstract you have to uninstall full version of Remoting SDK and install trial version of Data Abstract.

Can you specify what exactly errors were raised?