Visual Studio 2019

I am thinking of upgrading from VS2017 to VS 2019.

How are the overall experiences with VS2019, and are there specific problems / points I have to be aware of?

I believe it’s on par with 2017 now, but I dint use it daily, myself (but VS2019 is the only version of VS I’ve had installed, for a while, for the few times I do need to/wan to use VS, and I’ve had no issues).

I use VS2019 + RemObjects Elements/Island on a daily basis. I don’t have specific problems - except sometimes (rarely) Code Complete freezes then ”crashes". But that just happens very rarely, I don’t take it a big deal.

Another quibble is the code editor theme - I don’t like the default theme for Oxygene, but it doesn’t seem to provide a way to customized it? I guess VS2017 would have the same issue, though.


You should be able to customize the editor colors samosa your would for C#, in the Tools|Options dialog?

Ah my bad. Yes we could manually customize the Text Editor Font and Color via Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors.

Alternatively, we can download third party Code Theme editor, from Visual Studio Extensions.

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