Visual Studio closes when editing forms


I did some quick tests on the 2619, and we actually lost performance. I’ll ask other members of the team to test it too.

it is taking too long to open the solution, then to open forms it is also taking longer than before.

in the classes without form I had the impression that the delay and in the preview bar of the code, image below.

The memory of the visual studio is also opening above 3GB with few files open, before it was a little below.

From the tests we did, we were in doubt as to whether the new version is performing worse than the previous one, perhaps there was an external factor that may have induced this perception.

on the other hand, we can say that with regard to performance, we have not improved with it.

We will continue to observe new changes.


Claudio, this is very odd because my optimization was mostly related to freeing memory when closing the files. I think in old versions it could cause increasing memory and SystemOutOfMemory exception at some point. We didn’t do any major changing that could cause loosing of performance.
Also I wanted to make sure you are using the latest build which is And if you still have crashes with it?

the last one I see is 2619

2619 is the latest, yes. 2620 is the next internal build, but there erhave been no relevant changes since 2619 shipped.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce any increased problems WRT speed here. In our tests everything is better or equal with the fixes that were made… :frowning:

We were able to isolate what is happening at the opening of the project. see the attached example project, it appears to be looping in the reference WebApplication1.rar (37.8 KB)

After opening expand the references and keep watching, it will be possible to notice the references moving.

I made a note on the issue, thanx! this should help a lot.

this is on .2625, right?


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Another detail that may interest you, our solution has several projects, web and desktop, we realized that separating the solutions in separate desktop projects from the web projects, improved the memory consumption. It was at this point that I realized that the problem was related to a looping while loading the reference I mentioned (System.Web.Extensions).

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bugs://85782 got closed with status fixed.

Yeah, saw this too, this is indeed good news.

waiting anxiously

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